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Security Systems & Monitoring

Security Systems & Alarm Monitoring

Harford County Security Systems, Baltimore County Alarm Monitoring, Security Camera Systems

Murrey Installations provides security camera systems and alarm monitoring services for homeowners and businesses throughout the Baltimore region. In order to provide the highest quality of product, we recommend Honeywell Security Products with available remote services, or DSC’s PowerSeries expandable hybrid security, but we will install security systems from any manufacturer you choose.

Murrey Installations is not a franchise, but are locally owned and operated. We are a small business ourselves, and will give you the attention and customer service you deserve, 24/7. We are always happy to provide you with references, if you would like to talk with someone who has used our security systems services.

After a visit to your location, and a thorough examination of your property, means of access, exterior factors and areas of special concern to you, (such as gun cabinets, safes, server rooms, etc.) we will design security camera systems tailored to your home or business, customizing the security camera system to fit your wants, needs and budget. We don’t install security systems on the cheap, but we don’t recommend features that you don’t really need, or won’t use.

We may also suggest you improve your perimeter security with outdoor lighting, including motion sensor lights and special security lighting. Many times, a brightly lit property will deter a potential burglar from trying to break in in the first place.

Common components of our business and home security camera systems include:

  • Keypads and Control Devices – wired and wireless
  • Intrusion Detection
    • Window Alarms and Door Alarms – time delay on the main entrance door
    • Motion Sensors / Alarms – with pet immunity to reduce false alarms
    • Glass Break Sensors / Alarms
  • Wireless Smoke Detectors
  • Water Alarms – alerts you if you have water from broken pipes, flooding or sprinkler system
  • Wired Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors
  • Extreme Temperature Sensors –alert you to freezing temperatures or extreme heat
  • Video Surveillance
  • Remote Access – allows authorized people to control the alarm system, locks, lighting, thermostats and more from any location
  • And more

For security systems to be truly effective, they should be connected to an alarm monitoring station, such as the Murrey Installations alarm monitoring station in Cockeysville. The alarm systems will alert both the homeowner/business owner as well as the alarm monitoring company. Whenever an alarm of any kind goes off, the alarm monitoring staff at Murrey Installations will call you immediately to verify the alarm. Depending on the scenario, we will then notify emergency services of a possible break-in, fire or health issue. If the homeowner or business owner is on the premises when an alarm goes off, they can call the authorities as well, or tell the alarm monitoring company it appears to be a false alarm.

Security systems communicate to an alarm monitoring station in a number of ways. This can be through a telephone line, an internet connection or by GSM (similar to cell phone technology.) Telephone and internet are the most common forms of communicating with the alarm monitoring station, and GSM is generally used as a backup in the event of a telephone or internet failure.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems and home monitoring services protect you and your loved ones from harm. Use remote access to control your security system while you’re away. Tie it in to smart home systems and use smart home technology to make your life easier. Your home is your castle, and a home security system protects it like one.

Adding security cameras allows you to keep track of who is at the door, who vandalized your property, etc. Video of a suspect or suspect vehicle can give the police a major head start in any criminal investigation.

Home Automation

Home automation is becoming more and more common. Professionally installed home automation systems are easily tied into your home security system for an added layer of protection. In addition to controlling the lights and the thermostat, you can unlock the doors, lock the doors, arm the alarm system, etc.

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Protecting your business protects your livelihood. We’re the local experts when it comes to designing and installing business security systems that work. Perimeter security, interior security and a video surveillance system all work together to discourage potential criminal activity, as well as to alert the alarm monitoring company of an actual break-in or problem with water, temperature or fire.

Tying in a video surveillance system to your overall security plan can help you see who is coming and going, and police can use the video to help identify the suspect or suspects, which can then lead to an arrest. We install both exterior security cameras that are very visible, and internal security cameras, which can be hidden, or visible.

Access Control

Having a robust access control system at your business, manufacturing plant, office building or other location is an important companion piece to your security system. Access control systems keep unwanted visitors out and controls which of your employees or visitors has access to different parts of your facility.

Common access control systems include:

  • Card readers
  • Proximity readers
  • Magnetic stripe
  • Bar code
  • Security keypads
  • Biometrics
  • Remote access for authorized personnel

Murrey Installations is your go-to company for installation and alarm monitoring of your security camera systems, video surveillance systems and your access control systems. Our IQ Certified * installers insure that you will not only be completely safe and secure with your system, but you will also receive top-notch service.

We service the Baltimore area, including Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford, Anne Arundel, and Howard Counties and surrounding areas. Call us today at 410-527-1177 to schedule an onsite visit to get started.

*IQ Certifed Security System Installation and Monitoring In order to earn IQ Certification, Murrey Installations had to undergo a rigorous evaluation by the IQ Certification Board, made up of security, law enforcement, fire, state regulatory and insurance industry representatives. Throughout the application process, companies must demonstrate that they adhere to the IQ Certification Program’s strict Policies and Guidelines. We also need to earn re-certification on a regular basis.

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