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PA System Installers

PA System Installers

PA Systems

Murrey Installations installs and upgrades public address systems in commercial locations such as office buildings, retail locations, churches and schools, and we also install intercom systems in some of today’s larger homes.

PA System Upgrades and New System Installation

We provide design and installation services for your PA system or intercom system throughout the Baltimore, Maryland area. With a focus on overhead zoned paging speakers by some of the top manufacturers, we provide commercial sound systems that make sure public address announcements are heard when and where they need to be.

PA Systems can be customized for:

  • Zoned paging system allowing pages to be made to specific areas of the building or campus
  • All-call for site-wide or emergency announcements
  • Telephone System Integration, which allows public address announcements to be made by phone, or dedicated microphone stations
  • Warehouses and manufacturing plants where noise levels can be challenging for public address systems
  • Background music
  • Time shift/class change tones, feedback eliminators, multi-page stacking, and other public address features

We also install and service home intercom systems from a variety of manufacturers, and can integrate these systems with other systems in your home.

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