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Benefits of a Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbells are doorbells that allow you to view who is at your front door any time of the day through an app or website on your phone or computer. Video doorbells have been growing in popularity, so we’ve decided to make a list showcasing just how great they can be, and why you may need to upgrade.

  • To Remain Safe and Secure. A smart doorbell will allow you to stay safely tucked away inside your home. When someone rings it, you can communicate with them without ever opening the door.
  • Keep an Eye on Things While You’re Away. While you’re away on vacation or a business trip, you can check in and make sure your front door or entryway is safe. You can also keep an eye on mail or packages that are dropped off. Or, if need be, you can communicate with your delivery person and tell them where to put your items.
  • More Convenient. Through the app on your smartphone, you will receive notifications and alerts when someone rings the bell. So, on top of hearing the bell itself, you’ll also be able to tell who is at your door by checking your phone.
  • No More Solicitors! A video doorbell will save you some serious headaches. The motion activated doorbell allows you to screen out unwanted guests. Making it easier to avoid solicitors.
  • You’ll Never be Stuck Waiting for a Package Again. We all know that bad experience of waiting for something you ordered online and needing to be physically present when it is delivered. Sometimes you miss the delivery multiple times before finally being around to accept it. No more! A smart doorbell allows you to speak directly to visitors. You can also monitor your porch or front step to watch your package.

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