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Benefits of a Smart Doorbell

Monday 20th of August 2018 09:27:33 AM

Smart Doorbells are doorbells that allow you to view who is at your front door any time of the day through an app or website on your phone or computer. Video doorbells have been growing in popularity, so we’ve decided to make a list showcasing just how great they can be, and why you may […]

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Security Systems Protect Your Home and Business

Baltimore Home Security Systems

Tuesday 21st of March 2017 03:56:49 PM

Not a day goes by that you don’t read about a home or business in the Baltimore area being broken into. Many times, the crimes are crimes of opportunity, where a home or business doesn’t have a security system in place that would alert a monitoring station and police to the break-in. Your average thief […]

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Securing Your Smart Home Systems from Hackers

Monday 6th of February 2017 02:05:08 AM

Securing Your Smart Home Systems from Hackers You may have heard in the news lately about hackers using “the Internet of Things (ToT) to block traffic to well-known sites such as Twitter and Netflix. You may have thought all you had to worry about securing your home from hackers was to have a good Wi-Fi […]

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