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Electric Window Candles

Hard Wired Electric Window Candles

Electric Window Candles

Murrey Installations is an authorized Distributor/Contractor for Window Candles™, a unique window candle system tied into the wiring of your home. We can now install Window Candles™ in your new or existing home! This is the world’s ONLY built-in, safe, low-voltage window candle decorating system!

Benefits of Electric Window Candles™

  • Removable candlesticks
  • Safe to the touch
  • Changeable sleeves & bases
  • 1700 Color Combinations
  • No Visible Cords (Eliminates tripping over the cord or knocking the candle over)
  • They’re hidden in the walls!

The entire system is electrically approved by UL and CSA # 1387987. To learn more about WindowCandles™ or to get an estimate for installation of WindowCandles™, call us today at 410-427-1177.

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