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Home surveillance systems can vary greatly in quality of design and actual protection / prevention offered. As experienced installers, we’ve seen the good and the bad when it comes to home surveillance systems. Murrey Installations recommends home surveillance systems and other security products, but we will install systems from any manufacturer you choose.


Home surveillance systems are especially useful in some of today’s larger homes. While you are in one area of the house, you can:

See who is at your door before you open it

Monitor visitors in your home-cleaning service, plumber, etc.

Keep watch over a pool area

See if your package arrived

We are the home surveillance system installers you can depend on in Central Maryland. We offer the most value-driven video surveillance products in the professional security industry. We offer a full line of DVRs and NVR IP recording systems, as well as security cameras that incorporate their own DSP technology, the ‘Super Image Enhancer’ (S.I.E.).

Home video surveillance systems, combined with home security systems, give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are protected. Surveillance systems deter crime, as a burglar looking for an easy haul will walk right on past your outdoor security cameras and move on to a home without a security system.

After seeing the physical layout of your home and hearing your needs and concerns, we can develop an estimate for your home surveillance system design and installation

Remote access gives you control of your home security system at all times, day or night—from anywhere. You can access your home surveillance system with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other device to see who is coming and going, check in on the babysitter, check on the welfare of a pet, check your home while you’re on vacation and more. You can also set the system up so that you receive surveillance notifications for events that are important to you – such as someone opening a door, gun cabinet or safe.

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